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Internet Marketing Consultant

i don’t


i keep you from getting SCREWED by the people who do

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i manage the MANAGERS so you don’t have to

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i watchdog your SEO company to keep ‘em honest

What is Mystique Marketing?

This is your ticket to improved sales and marketing–to cutting-edge, effective, and appropriately priced marketing both online and off. As a business owner you don’t have the time (nor inclination) to learn the minutiae of website development and social media. But what you don’t know can cost you big $$$. That’s why you need an advocate you can trust to handle it for you.

My name is Alexa Steele I’ve been in the Internet marketing business since 2009. I’ve seen entrepreneurs waste hard earned (and sometimes borrowed) dollars on useless Internet marketing garbage that only makes money for the hucksters selling it. I don’t want that to happen to you.

If you don’t know the difference between a web developer and a web designer; if HTML, CSS, CMS, SSL, and SEO is alphabet soup to you; then please let me help you. I won’t let you fall prey to scams and overpriced shenanigans.

Together we’ll develop a marketing plan that accurately and professionally represents your business. I’ll advise and assist you with everything–from hiring marketing professionals to pitching prospective customers. My job is to create dramatic improvements in your sales and marketing.

Mystique Marketing does it right the first time and does it at a reasonable investment figure.”Ralph Masengill, Chairman at Masengill Marketing

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