As a Marketer you do Top Shelf work for everyone . . . except YOURSELF

Shouldn't someone be working just as hard to market you?

You are a marketing professional. You know what it takes to crawl inside the mind of the consumer, grab their attention and call them to action. You use research, teamwork, and oodles of creativity to develop and execute your customers' campaigns. You work hard and deliver real results in the form of brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Yet, when it comes to your own marketing, you feel like the shoemaker whose children have no shoes. You know what to do and how important it is, but there's never enough time and you struggle to find the right pitch. Quite frankly, marketing yourself is HARD. You need help.

My name is Alexa Steele and I am the marketer's marketer. Give me a chance and I'll do for you what you do for your customers.

7 Signs You Need Your Own Marketer

1) You feel apprehensive and embarrassed any time you give out your web address.

2) You don't remember the last time you found a new prospect via social media.

3) To keep busy you accept jobs that underpay.

4) You're business goes through endless cycles of feast or famine.

5) You find it difficult to answer "What is your unique selling position?"

6) You're frustrated with less talented providers stealing your business.

7) Your analytics are so depressing you don't even bother checking them anymore.

Benefits of working with Mystique Marketing

Fresh Eyes = Fresh Perspective

Less To Do = Less Stress

Better Marketing = More Customers


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