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Ok, I think it's just us. Now that we're alone, let's talk openly about a little problem we have in this industry. It can strike anywhere, but is particularly rampant among we independent marketing consultants, graphic designers, copywriters, content strategists, market researchers, and public relations specialists who don't work for a big-budget agency. We are highly susceptible to the scourge of shoemaker's child syndrome - you know, when the shoemaker's child has no shoes. Tell me this doesn't sound familiar.

7 signs you have shoemaker's child syndrome


  1. You're too embarrassed to give out your web address, or you do so only with a preemptive apology

  2. You don't remember the last time you found a new prospect via social media

  3. Your analytics are so depressing you don't even bother to look

  4. You can't articulate your unique selling proposition

  5. Your newsletter subscribers/social media followers are not your target audience

  6. You feel like a hypocrite because you don't follow your own marketing advice

  7. You take jobs that underpay just to keep busy.

As a marketer you do Top Shelf Work for everyone . . .

except YOURSELF!

Shouldn't someone be working just as hard to market you?

As a marketing professional, you KNOW what it takes to crawl inside the mind of the consumer. To grab their attention and call them to action. You use research, teamwork, and oodles of creativity to develop and execute your customers' campaigns. You work hard and deliver real results in the form of brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Yet, when it comes to your own marketing, you're the shoemaker's child who has no shoes. You know what to do and how important it is, but there's never enough time, and you struggle to find the right pitch.

Let's face it. Marketing yourself is HARD. You need help.

Allow me to do for you what you do for your customers: Provide the advice and services you need to grow your business. Just fill out this form for a free 30 minute consultation.

For Marketer’s Only