Mystique Marketing Management


Hire a professional marketer to provide you with ongoing support to promote your business. For a reasonable monthly retainer you'll get the marketing strategy, planning, and execution you need to build brand awareness and reach your customers.

Stay Focused
Let someone else worry about promoting your business so you can stay focussed on doing business.
Set Your Budget
Choose the level of service that meets both your marketing needs and budget.
Achieve Results
Get professional help reaching your customers so you can grow your business.
Marketing Manager Inquiry

How it works

To sign up for professional marketing management please fill out the form above. Your marketing manager, Alexa Steele, will contact you within 24 hours to set up a free initial consultation. During that consultation she will ask you questions about your business and your current marketing efforts.

After your initial consultation you will be asked to pay a reasonable monthly retainer for access to Alexa's services and expertise. Depending on your individual needs (and available marketing budget) you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$2000. (Please note that this does not include fees for creative development -such as copywriting, graphic design, or website development - or ad placement).

As your marketing manager, Alexa will be able to help you with:

  • Executing a social media strategy
  • Executing a content marketing strategy
  • Executing email marketing campaigns
  • Reviewing, improving upon, and administering your website
  • Targeting your most profitable marketing and advertising channels
  • Honing your marketing to meet your customers' needs
If you are like me and insist that your marketing “pay off” with more inquires and more profit added to your bottom line then Alexa Steele is the person you need to contact. Alexa is doing just that for my company and many of my clients. Mystique Marketing does it right the first time and does it at a reasonable investment figure. Her research is top notch. She is an excellent listener and has a real talent when it comes to marketing and advertising. She is very organized and understands the internet marketing and the social media better than I do. Besides all that you will like her as a person. When I have a need for internet marketing and/or social media planning and implementation I call Alexa. Thank you Alexa for cutting down on my stress and worry and for the money you have put in my pocket. - Ralph Masengill